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ATBC 2022 Annual Meeting

10 - 14 July 2022
This is the first time that an ATBC annual meeting will be held in Colombia, a country known for its incredible diversity distributed across biomes, including the rain forests of Amazonia and Chocó. Like many countries in the tropics, Colombia has much to lose if measures are not taken to conserve its biodiversity. Please join this meeting to talk about science and brainstorm about possible solutions for the pressing challenges of the Anthropocene.

European Conference on Behavioural Biology

20 - 23 July 2022
Registration is now open for the European Conference on Behavioural Biology, which will be held in Groningen this summer. After a long period of restricted interactions, the theme of the conference is “All of Life is social!”. We explore the many facets of social life, from proximate to ultimate mechanisms in a wide variety of species. You can submit your contributions (talks and posters) to one of the parallel symposia with themes ranging from social foraging to animal welfare and from cultural evolution to epidemiology - or to one of the open symposia.

7th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology (GPMB 2022)

1 - 3 September 2022
Following the phenomenal success of the previous six editions of the plant science and molecular biology conference, Magnus Group is delighted to present the “7th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology" (GPMB 2022) to be hosted in a Hybrid format with both virtual and in-person versions at Paris, France. The global congress is a three-day event slated during September 01-03, 2022.

NAEM 2022

Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 September 2022
The Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM) is a two-day event organised by NERN and is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). There will be 2 plenary sessions, about 20 parallel sessions, and 2 poster sessions. Please register now!

International Plant Phenotyping Symposium (IPPS7)

26 - 30 September 2022 (abstract submission deadline 15 April)
The 7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, brings together a multidisciplinary science community of plant biologists, ecologists, engineers, agronomists and computer scientists. In a rich and diverse networking environment we foster knowledge exchange, collaboration and innovation.

13th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology

Sunday 23 - Thursday 27 October 2022
In the next few decades the world expects 2 billion more mouths to feed while our climate changes, so understanding how plant growth, development and crop yield respond to the environment has never been more important. This Congress will bring together over a thousand plant biologists from around the world who are making the latest discoveries on how genes, proteins, metabolism and physiology influence plant growth. Join the world’s best scientsts who will discuss the cutting-edge research being done to understand plant growth and development.

1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects

26 - 28 October 2022
The 1st International Conference of FAIR Digital Objects will bring together for the first time at this scale key technical, scientific, industry, and science-policy stakeholders with the aim to boost the development and implementation of FDOs worldwide and transform the Internet into more than just a data space: into a meaningful data space.