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NERN is not a society, association or club and thus does not have members. It is a network of which all people working in ecology in the Netherlands can be part. Formally, the network is supported and driven by a collaboration of all Graduate Schools and institutes working in the field of ecology, evolution, and biodiversity (see Affiliated Groups).

The decision centre of NERN is the NERN Core Team, which is composed of representatives of all Dutch institutes working in the field of ecology, evolution and biodiversity. The Core Team meets at least twice a year, once during the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (in February) and once after the start of the academic year. When required, ad-hoc meetings can occur.

General / daily activities and actions that come from the Core Team are primarily performed by the NERN Management Team who are also part of the Core Team. The current Management Team consists of:

  • Louise Vet (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Chair)
  • Han Olff (University of Groningen)
  • Hans de Kroon (Radboud University)
  • Rien Aarts (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Peter de Ruiter (University of Amsterdam)
  • George Kowalchuk (Utrecht University)
  • Maurice Hoffmann (Chair of the Netherlands-Flemish Society for Ecology (NecoV))
  • Claudius van de Vijver (Wageningen University / The Graduate School PE&RC, executive secretary)

The Management Team positions circulate once every three years. The PE&RC secretariat is responsible for the NERN secretary.

When you have any information that you would want to distribute in NERN or you have any questions regarding NERN, please contact:

Dr Claudius van de Vijver (claudius.vandevijver@wur.nl, or by phone at +31(0)317-485116).