Current Themes in Ecology

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Symposium series "Current Themes in Ecology"

Conference Centre De Werelt, Lunteren

Ecology has been referred to as the science of the new millennium. Many of the current environmental issues in our society, such as climate change, environmental pollution, and land use, require ecologists to analyse and solve them. However, as a scientific discipline, ecology is under pressure, partly caused by the increasing attention for novel developments in biotechnological and biomedical research. Yet, ecology is a thriving scientific discipline making enormous progress in many fields, producing exciting results and is ready for the major task to cope with current issues in the world. The symposium series Current Themes in Ecology has been founded to highlight some of the exciting developments in ecological research and bring them to the attention of a wider audience of both fundamental and applied scientists. The first Current Themes in Ecology symposium was organised in 2001. Because in the first few years, the symposium was organised twice a year, we had our 20th anniversary in 2014.

The theme of each of the Current Themes in Ecology symposia is broad, interdisciplinary, and highly contemporary. Each year, an international company of outstanding scientists are invited to focus on theory, empiricism, applications, and controversies of the topic in a coherent programme. Our aim is that those who attend will be inspired, or simply be fascinated by the latest sparkling results. The Current Themes in Ecology symposium series is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Previous editions of the Current Themes in Ecology Meetings (CT)

  Dates Title of the symposium Handout
System-tipping-dynamics-to-achieve-nature-positive-futures-Agents-of-change-and-a-mix-of.png 17 November 2023 CT26:Optimizing ecological structures in agricultural landscapes to enhance biodiversity  Download
Human_alteration_of_nitrogen_cycle_Thumbnail.svg.png 28 October 2021 CT25: Nitrogen: Past, Present and Future Download
CT_2019.jpg 13 November 2019 CT24: Biodiversity in Crisis - Perspectives on how to bend the curve Download
CT_2017.jpg 29 November 2017 CT23: Innovation in Conservation - Fundamental science as a basis for sustainable conservation Download
CT22.jpg 24 November 2016 CT22: Ecological Networks - Networks in Ecology Download
CT21.jpg 19 November 2015 CT21: Microbial Power - Impact of microbial communities: from gut to globe Download
CT20.jpg 20 November 2014 CT20: Biodiversity research at the crossroads - Understanding the long-term dynamics of ecosystems Download
CT19.jpg 30 October 2013 CT19: The future of ecosystems, Ecosystems for the future Download
CT18.jpg 20 November 2012 CT18: Soil, Biodiversity and Life - The contribution of soil to sustainability of life Download
CT17.jpg 8 December 2011 CT17: Eco-informatics - The silver bullet for ecology? Download
CT16.jpg 24 November 2010 CT16: Biodiversiteit - Van fascinatie tot innovatie Download
CT15.jpg 18 September 2009 CT15: Revolution in Evolution? Epigenetics in Ecology and Evolution Download
CT14.jpg 7 November 2008 CT14: Plants - insects - microbes: An ecological dance for three Download
CT13.jpg 2 November 2007 CT13: Polar Biodiversity, Past Present and Future Download
CT12.jpg 13 April 2007 CT12: Darwinian agriculture; the evolutionary ecology of agricultural symbiosis Download
CT11.jpg 3 November 2006 CT11: Ecological implications of adaptive behaviour Download
CT10.jpg 19 April 2006 CT10: Influenza Ecology and Pandemics Download
CT9.jpg 23 November 2005 CT9: Hot Issue - The Ecology of Temperature Download
CT8.jpg 29 April 2005 CT8: Ecological and Evolutionairy Genomics Download
CT7.jpg 19 November 2004 CT7: Biological invasions Download
CT6.jpg 2 April 2004 CT6: Experimental Evolution, fundamental and applied Download
CT5.jpg 21 November 2003 CT5: Ecology in Freshwater Management Download
CT4.jpg 17 April 2003 CT4: Global Ecology Download
CT3.jpg 22 November 2002 CT3: Spatial Ecology Download
CT2.jpg 15 March 2002 CT2: Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes Download
CT1.jpg 5 November 2001 CT1: Environmental genomics Download