Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting

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Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting

Held in February of each year

Conference Centre De Werelt, Lunteren


Since 2008 the Netherlands Ecological Research Network (NERN) organises her annual conference, the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM) on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of February. This conference is particularly geared towards people working in the field of ecology and/or evolution. It aims to strengthen and profile Dutch ecological research in an (inter)national context to accordingly strengthen the ecological network. 

Normally, the NAEM meeting is two full days, each day consisting of a plenary session, in which a Dutch/Flemish and an international world leader present their view on a specific topic in ecology or evolution, two sets of five parallel sessions (including more workshop-like sessions), and a poster session. Parallel sessions generally consists of 6 oral presentations, thus leading to a total of approximately 125 oral presentations. On average, we have about 75-100 scientific poster presentations during the meeting. On Tuesday evening, a more relaxed and thought-provoking presentation is generally scheduled.
In 2021, however, the NAEM meeting was organised in a somewhat different form, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. After consultation with the NERN community, the NERN Board, and the NAEM organising committee, we decided to offer an online event across the two days in February. This event provided a space for young(er) scientists to present their work to peers and aimed at providing a networking opportunity for ecologists around. Rather than going for long, exhausting online lectures, we decided to develop a format of thematic sessions consisting of short junior scientist talks with "a head and a tail", and separate poster pitch sessions. The meeting was very well attended with over 700 people registering for the meeting. The maximum number of people present in the meeting at a given time sat somewhere between 370 and 380 on Tuesday and between 320 and 330 on Wednesday.

The next NAEM meeting will be organised in February 2024. This was decided due to the result of the questionnaire sent to all previous participants if they would prefer joining the conference in September 2023 or February 2024.  

Submit parallel and workshop session proposals for the NAEM 2024 here. 

The NAEM meeting is financially supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Previous Netherlands Annual Ecology Meetings (NAEM)
Dates Plenary speakers # participants # posters Handout
13 & 14 February 2024 Jens-Christian Svenning, Aarhus University, Denmark
Liesje Mommer, Wageningen University
Akira Mori, University of Tokyo, Japan
Esther Turnhout, University of Twente



108 Download
20 & 21 September 2022 Grant Hopcraft, University of Glasgow
Judy Shamoun-Baranes, University of Amsterdam
Laura Govers, University of Groningen
Frans Bongers, University of Oxford



72 Download
9 & 10 February 2021 No plenary keynotes this year 726 registered 23 poster pitches and 70 thematic session talks Download
11 & 12 February 2020 Henry Janzen, Lethbridge Research and Development Centre
Rien Aerts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tristram Wyatt, University of Oxford
Astrid Groot, University of Amsterdam
254 55 Download
12 & 13 February 2019 Jens-Christian Svenning, Aarhus University
Liesbeth Bakker, Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Laura Airoldi, University of Bologna
Tjeerd Bouma, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
278 62 Download
13 & 14 February 2018 Trisha B. Atwood, Utah State University
Katja Poveda, Cornell University
Han Olff, University of Groningen
Erik Poelman, Wageningen University & Research
278 54 Download
14 & 15 February 2017 Margaret Mayfield, The University of Queensland
Hanna Kokko, University of Zürich
David Kleijn, Wageningen University & Research
Sander van Doorn, University of Groningen
333 87 Download
9 & 10 February 2016 Peter Hudson, Penn State University
Stan Harpole, Martin-Luther-Universität-Halle-Wittenberg
Irene Tieleman, University of Groningen
Martin Wassen, Utrecht University
305 73 Download
10 & 11 February 2015 Felix Hol, Delft University of Technology
Alexandre Antonelli, University of Gothenburg
Toby Kiers, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Hans ter Steege, Naturalis Biodiversity Center
366 102 Download
11 & 12 February 2014 Yngvild Vindenes, University of Oslo
Brian Silliman, Duke University
André de Roos, University of Amsterdam
Peter Herman, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
359 103 Download
5 & 6 February 2013 David Sims, University of Southampton
Mary Firestone, University of California, Berkeley
Johan van de Koppel, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
George Kowalchuk, Utrecht University
300 82 Download
7 & 8 February 2012 Andrew Hendry, McGill University
José M. Gómez, Universidad de Granada
Luc de Meester, KU Leuven
Nicole van Dam, Radboud University Nijmegen
308 63 Download
8 & 9 February 2011 Anthony Ives, University of Wisconsin
Mike Begon, University of Liverpool
Jacintha Ellers, VU Amsterdam
Hans Heesterbeek, Utrecht University
372 72 Download
9 & 10 February 2010 Jordi Bascompte, Doñana Biological Station, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)
Sandra Diaz, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Marten Scheffer, Wageningen University
Hans Cornelissen, VU Amsterdam
316 62 Download
10 & 11 February 2009 Robert E. Ricklefs, University of Missouri
Christa Schleper, University of Vienna
Theunis Piersma, University of Groningen / Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Mike Jetten, Radboud University Nijmegen
309 54 Download
12 & 13 February 2008 Steve Hubbell, University of California, Los Angeles
Joan Ehrenfeld, Rutgers University
Jef Huisman, University of Amsterdam
Wim van der Putten, Netherlands Institute of Ecology
285 unknown Download