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Below, upcoming courses in the field of ecology are shown. Besides the courses that are directly related to ecology, methodological courses as well as skills and competence courses relevant for ecologists are shown. Please note that the courses listed are planned and, except for those with a fixed date, the time frame in which the course may be given can change. The courses are organised by various parties:

Note: If you would want more information or if you know of a course that is not yet listed, please contact Lennart Suselbeek ( or Claudius van de Vijver (

Upcoming ecology courses

Environmental Signalling in Plants

Monday 28 - Wednesday 30 August 2017
Our society depends on plants, not only as the primary source of food and dominating role in ecosystems, but also as provider of commodities such as pharmaceuticals and building materials. In many ways plants are essential contributors to human well-being and health. Experimental Plant Sciences study the fundamental life processes of plants at different organisational levels, from molecules & cells to whole plants and ecosystems.

Human-induced land degradation

Saturday 2 - Sunday 10 September 2017
This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to learn about the different syndromes of soil degradation in different countries of the world and their consequences for people and the environment. Furthermore, solutions and sustainable management strategies are discussed.

Quantitative Ecology (Module for Master students & PhD candidates)

October 2017 - January 2018
The University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic), organizes a semester for Master and PhD students aiming to learn updated concepts and methodologies for Quantitative Ecology studies. Practical courses (using CANOCO, R etc.) will be complemented with a theoretical ecological background.

Linking Community and Ecosystem Dynamics

Sunday 12 - Friday 17 November 2017
This course focuses on theoretical concepts and how these can be used to link communities to ecosystems in order to understand how environmental change affects community and ecosystem dynamics. We will develop conceptual ideas, using examples from many terrestrial, marine and aquatic ecosystems, like savannas, deserts, forests, soils, streams, oceans, etc..

MOOC - Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development: a Business Approach

Continuously open
This online course is specifically geared towards the nexus of landscapes and business. Commonland, together with the Rotterdam School of Management, Estoril Conferences, CSIC and UN’s Land Restoration Training Programme, has taken the initiative to develop this course. This consortium, known as ENABLE - the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education - aims to educate the next generation of business leaders with an ecosystems’ view, ready to include landscape-related issues in their decision-making processes, thus making businesses more sustainable and a force for good.