NAEM 2020 - Submission form for parallel sessions

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On Tuesday 25 June 2019, the call for submission of proposals for parallel sessions opened. The NAEM organising committee invites those interested to orgainse/convene a parallel session during the 2020 NAEM Meeting to fil out the details of their proposed session below. The deadline for submission of parallel session proposals is Tuesday 24 September 2019. As last year, proposals for parallel sessions will be posted on the NAEM website, so that everyone can see which sessions have already been proposed and whether your personal topic of interest is already covered or still lacking. In case your personal topic of interest is still lacking, we invite you to submit a proposal for a parallel session on this topic yourself (of course only so long as the deadline for submissions has not passed). For an overview of the parallel sessions that have been proposed so far, please click here. Finally, please note that some sessions will be pre-defined / pre-positioned by the NAEM Organising Committee, to ensure a broad and interesting programme for all.

Set-up of the NAEM Parallel Sessions

With respect to the set-up of the parallel sessions and the role of the organisers/conveners please note the following:

Session set-up

  • Each parallel session consists of one overarching presentation, highlighting the topic of the parallel session, and accordingly five presentations on in-depth research topics;
  • Presentations last 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes discussion;
  • The overarching presentation is given by one of the conveners or a senior scientist;
  • For the in-depth presentations, a call for presentations will be sent out early in November (with a deadline for submissions around mid-December).

Responsibility of the session organisers/conveners (generally 2 per session)

  • Defining the scope of the session and formulating this in a short highlight;
  • Filling the sessions with 6 presentations. This involves selecting presentations based on presentation abstracts (submitted in response to the call for presentations) and possibly inviting potential speakers directly;
  • Informing the NAEM office regarding titles of the presentations, speakers and their affiliation and abstract of each presentation (max 75 words);
  • Collecting the presentations on the day of the session, preparing the session, and coordinating the session itself (keeping track of time, moderating discussion, supporting the speakers, etc.).
Details about the proposed session
Details about the conveners
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