WORKSHOP: Transfer your science into news

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Workshop: Transfer your science into news


Good quality science remains the foundation. To be truly successful in a science career, however, it helps if you can also communicate your research to funders and lay public. How do you convey your main message in a press release or on the worldwide web? Bring your own article, dissertation or report, submerge in the role of science communicator and create at least a intriguing header and first paragraph that will make your science into news. Transforming science into readable news is a profession. However, this workshop will offer a crash course into the do’s and don’ts. The workshop is aimed at scientist in all stages of their career! This workshop is part of the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM), that takes place on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 February 2020. The workshop is only open for registered participants of the NAEM Meeting.

NOTE: Bring your own laptop, a publication and a possible illustration of your research.


The workshop will run on Tuesday in parallel session 1 and on Wednesday in parallel session 4. On both days, the workshop will start at 14:00 hrs, and will run until 15:40 hrs.

Workshop leaders

Tuesday workshop

  1. Froukje Rienks (Head of PR & Science Communications, NIOO-KNAW)
  2. Jac Niessen (Science Communications Officer, Wageningen University and Research)

Wednesday workshop

  1. Aafke Kok (editor Bionieuws, the Dutch biweekly for biologists)
  2. Gert van Maanen (editor Bionieuws, the Dutch biweekly for biologists)
  3. Steijn van Schie (editor Bionieuws, the Dutch biweekly for biologists)
More information

Dr Lennart Suselbeek(NERN)
Phone: +31317485426

Registration for the workshop

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Note: You must be registered for the NAEM meeting to be eligible to participate (click here to do so).