Welcome to the website of 
The Netherlands Ecological Research Network

NERN consists of the combined strengths of Dutch ecologically oriented graduate schools, universities and institutes. It aims at manifesting and reinforcing the fundamental ecological research in the Netherlands by:

  • Supporting Graduate Schools in the field of ecology to offer a complete PhD education programme
  • Facilitating communication between scientists in ecology in the Netherlands via a central web-site, newsletter, meetings and other events
  • Strengthening the position of fundamental ecological, evolutionary and biodiversity research in The Netherlands
  • Stimulating funding for ecological research
  • Creating a broad forum for strategic discussions on scientific innovation in the field of ecology, particularly with respect to large research programmes.
  • Being a contact point for institutions (NWO, KNAW, government and EU)
  • Safeguarding sound representation of ecologists in national and EU funding and decision-making agencies/institutes and to support these representatives
  • Facilitating collaboration and synergy between different ecologically oriented institutes, thus increasing the funding possibilities for large research programmes
  • Stimulating communication of the results of fundamental ecological research to the general public, policy and societal organisations

Prime activities are: 

  • Keeping close links with NWO, the government and other relevant (inter)national institutions 
  • Organizing national events/meetings such as the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting and the well-known symposium series Current Themes in Ecology will continue as a NERN activity. 
  • Coordinating PhD education
  • Distributing information relevant for ecology in The Netherlands